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LesPromFORUM newspaper #45 to the exhibition UMIDS-2016

Exhibition UMIDS
Krasnodar, 30. March - 2. April

LesPromFORUM #45 for UMIDS 2016, Krasnodar
International exhibition UMIDS is the hugest exhibition of furniture, equipment for woodworking and furniture production, materials and components in the South of Russia. 335 companies from 6 countries (Russia, Belorussia, Germany, Denmark, Italy and Czech Republic) took part in 2015 in the exhibition. The total exhibition area amounted 20,000 sq m.

The exposition combines three large theme sections: Woodworking. Components. Furniture.

UMIDS participants are plants and organizations, specialized on the wholesales and retails, own production of furniture, equipment, components and materials for furniture production and woodworking. 

UMIDS takes the first place by the number of participants and exhibition area among the regional forestry exhibitions of Russia and is in top 5 of the biggest exhibitions in Russia.

Organizer of UMIDS - VC KrasnodarEXPO, part of ITE Group.

Statistics of UMIDS-2015
Total area - 20,000 sq m
Number of participants - 335
Number of the participating countries - 6 
Number of visitors - 10,842

The exhibition newspaper LesPromFORUM will be passed out to every visitor at the entrance from the registration counters of UMIDS 2016. 

Rates for advertisement to the exhibition UMIDS-2016  

Size Size, mm Price, EUR
First cover - 1/2 4 85220 1400
Back cover - 4 215285 1400
Inside block 4 215285 700
1/2 Hor. 162118 460
VIP Vert. 83285
1/4 Hor. 16257 300
Vert. 78118
Advertisement line with machine and equipment Line (when 2 line order - third line is for free) 100
Deadline March 23rd

Sample of advertisement with machines and equipment in the newspaper:

Advantage of advertisement with machines and equipment in exhibition newspaper-guide:

  • 100% target audience and wide circulation
  • If you are an exhibition participant - advertisement can be considered as an invitation for negotiations at your stand 
  • Opportunity to sell stock equipment

Circulation of LesPromFORUM #45 for UMIDS: 5000 samples

Orders are taken by phone +7 (812) 640-98-68 or by e-mail

PDF version of the newspaper is available on the LesPromInform web-site 2 days before the exhibition begins. The figures show that LesPromFORUM PDF-archive is downloaded at least 10.000 times per year.

Distribution: on the check-in counters, in pavilions and during arrangements.

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