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Russian Forestry Review

Information and analytic edition about timber industry of Russia

Russian Forestry Review

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The editorial board of LesPromInform, which is the biggest timber magazine in Russia at the moment, is happy to present a special project - English-language information and analytical edition of the Russian timber industry (TI) - Russian Forestry Review (RFR).  

The aim of Russian Forestry Review is to provide the companies with quality and timely information about the Russian timber industry, overview of markets of wood and wood products, technologies of Russian timber industry.
We inform:
  • About the current status of Russian forest legislation;
  • About actual state of affairs in major Timber Industry sectors in Russia;
  • About the opportunities and threats, risks and challenges in the Russia's timber industry development;
  • About the forest resources and Timber Industry development in Russia;
  • About the businesses of the biggest Russian companies;
  • About the scheduled investment projects in the Russia's timber industry;
You will also find not only complete information which allow to work at Russian market, but contact info of key companies of the industry which will help you to find partners in Russia.  

Russian Forestry Review is issued with the information support of the profile federal and regional Ministries and departments of the Russian Federation, the leading Russian and foreign associations, Universities and scientific institutions and the leading woodworking companies. Our key partners are:
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
  • Ministry of the Natural Resources of the Russian Federation
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation
  • Regional authorities (depending on the overviews of the regions presented in the correspondent issue of the Review)
  • Associations and Unions of the Forestry, Pulp-and-paper, Woodworking and Furniture Industry
  • St.Petersburg State Forest-Technical University, etc.

Core audience of Russian Forestry Review:
  • Manufacturers and supplyers of machinery, equipment, tools and technologies for timber industry
  • Supplyers and manufacturers of equipment and services for forestry
  • Buyers of Russian wood products (round wood, timber, wood-based panels, plywood, cellulose, pellets)
  • Supplyers of financial services and leasing companies
  • Investors and investment funds
  • Consulting and engineering companies
  • Marketing and R&D companies
  • Educational institutions
  Issue 7 (2017) with circulation by 5000 pcs was presented at LIGNA 2017 (Hanover, Germany).

The editorial board of LesPromInform is looking to cooperate with interested companies and organizations and invites to take part in generation of issue content.

In this issue we combined the best sections from previous issues. Such combination will give the widest overview on Russian timber industry and working aspects in Russia. This issue will give you an idea about situation in logging, saw milling, production of wood-based panels, pellets, furniture, cellulose and wooden construction market in Russia. 

We will get acquaint you with changes in legislation that happened for the last two years. We will present cases of successful foreign investments in timber industry of Russia and describe difficulties that investors were faced. We will give you overviews on import and production in Russia. We will present regions which play leading roles in production and export of round wood, timber, plywood, fiberboards and chipboards and provide you with contact data of key companies in the regions.

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