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Russian Forestry Review

Key topics of Russian Forestry Review 6

Russian Forest Industry: a Snapshot

RussianForestryReview 6

The Russian Forestry Complex: general overview State of Russian timber industry during the last few years: value of timber industry in Russian economy and gross production value, export of timber products. Perspectives of development of Russian timber industry. SWOT-analysis.

Overview of changes in legislation during last two years.

Production volumes and export capacities. Impact of export tariffs decrease and other legislation initiatives of Russia and EU on logging industry in Russia.

Timber production
Dynamic of sawmilling development in Russia: statistics, trend analysis, information about new capacities and modernization of existing saw mills, impact of RUR devaluation on wealth of local companies.

Wood-based panel production
Overview of wood-based panel manufacturing: fiberboards, chipboards, MDF, OSB. Production, consumption, export and import of panels.

Production, consumption and export of pellets and briquettes. Heat and electric power from wood: trends and perspectives of development.

Pulp and Paper Production
Overview of industrial performance, introduction of new capacities on working pulp&paper plants – the most valuable events.

Priority investment projects
Overview of priority investment projects in the field of forest management including project name, location of the project, brief project summary.


An interview with top manager of wood-base panel manufacturer Kastamonu Entegre in Tatarstan, which became one of the biggest and successful investment project in Russia during last several years.

Russian Regions

Characteristics of regional forest resources, analysis of industry, information of key businesses and activities of local authorities, lists of investment projects, problems, challenges and perspectives of development.

Krasnoyarsk Krai

Tyumen region

Khabarovsk Krai

Primorsk Krai

Khanty-Mansyisk district

Novosibirsk region

Kirov region

Tomsk region

Komi Republic

Contact Data for Timber Companies
We offer contact information of timber industry key companies with their brief profile. We sort all companies by main types of activities for convenience – logging, woodworking, pulp&paper, furniture manufacturing, bioenergy, wooden construction.

A list of exhibitions 2015-2016

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