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Russian Forestry Review

Conference for produsers of wood-based panels

Strategy of timber industry development till 2030 – opportunities for wood-based panel manufacturers. State and business

November 15th, 2017

in frames of the exhibition
Woodex 2017

Lesprominform Magazine

With the support:
Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Russia
ITE group of companies

 Russia, Moscow, MVC «Crocus Expo », Hall №1, Conference room №2

Participant's registration: 11.00-11.30. Conference time: 11.30-18.00

Key topics of the conference:
  • Conceptual issues of Strategies of timber industry till 2030 in terms of wood-based panel production. What is the future of wood-based panel industry in vision of the Ministry of industry and trade. Included criteria and tools of implementation.
  • Action plan for the Strategy and overcoming of factors that holds development of wood-based panel industry.
  • Forecast of wood-based panel industry development in Russia in current legislative environment. How current legislation correlate with the action plan laid out in the Strategy.
  • Wood resources and investments in timber industry. How comes the investments, but existing deficiency of wood resources? Where to get true information about wood resources?
  • Development of industrial parks and sectorial clusters. How to establish cluster? What measures of State support are provided for residents of industrial parks and sectorial clusters? 
  • Low investment attractiveness of timber industry. How to find investment with low costs attractiveness?
  • Limited scale of domestic market - where to find market? Export or development of local consumption? Stimulation of sectors - drivers of wood-based panel consumption.
Speakers may answer all questions of conference participants by the end of all discussions.  

Conference program can be changed and complemented. Your proposals are warmly welcome. 

Conference language: Russian

Conference participation will be charged.
Detail information about the conference by e-mail or phones:

Conference program
Mikhail Dmitriev
+7 921 963-2907,

Organization and participant registration
Olga Ryabinina
+7 921 300-2089,

Participant registration
Eduard Strakhov
+7 812 640-9868,

Participant registration
Yulia Valayne
+7 921 334-2585,

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