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25 August 2009
Russia: The price of round wood increased by 1% in June, 2009
In June, the prices of roundwood amounted to an average of 1%, according to the analytical service of Lesprom Network.

10 August 2009
Latest Technology and Services around the Subject of Forest and Wood
The 11th edition of INTERFORST, International Trade Fair for Forestry and Forest Technology with Scientific Conferences and Special Shows, will be held at the Munich Trade Fair Centre from 14 to 18 July 2010.

31 July 2009
The difficult period that the woodworking and wood-based materials industry is experiencing has been unfortunately confirmed by the economic figures referring to the second quarter 2009. The message is clear: the signs of long-awaited recovery are still far and we are in the middle of a stage of stagnating production.

28 July 2009
Lufthansa as the official airline and on-line hotel booking.

24 July 2009
Pulpmills in the US South had some of the lowest wood fiber costs in the world in the 2Q/2009
The US South has the largest pulp industry in the world and this industry has enjoyed low wood raw-material costs for a very long time. This trend continued in 2009, with woodchip and pulpwood costs that were substantially lower than global average costs, according to the Wood Resource Quarterly.

24 July 2009
Acimall: The New Website Of The Advanced Woodworking Training Centre In Bangalore Is Now Online
The new website of the Advanced woodworking training center of Bangalore (India) has been recently "inaugurated". The centre was founded in 2003 thanks to the cooperation between Iwst (Institute of wood science and technology), Ice (Italian Foreign Trade Institute) and Acimall, the Italian association gathering leading woodworking technology suppliers. The goal of the centre is to allow Indian operators to attend training courses on the most updated Italian technologies and the website can offer an important communication and support tool to implement this mission.

16 July 2009
Choose The Original - Choose Success: The Concept Of High-Tech
"Choose the original" is the slogan of the Eumabois campaign in recent months defending European technology. A phrase that is intended to sum up a series of values, a commitment, a "history". Producing "original" goods, machines, tools and equipment that can respond to very precise needs means giving life to a project, gaining experience, understanding how to resolve a problem.

15 July 2009
Two new exhibitions in the EUMABOIS 2010 calendar
The list of exhibitions supported by Eumabois keeps growing, witnessing to the attention of the Federation for this subject, to the benefit of exhibitors and visitors alike.

15 July 2009
ALPI achieves OLB (Origin and Legality of Timber) certification
In June 2009, the ALPI Group was awarded the OLB certification (olb-cert-090501) for its forestry operations in Cameroon. Granted by Bureau Veritas Certification, this certification ensures the legal compliance and traceability of the wood produced and sold by the company.

14 July 2009
Overview of the Russian Wood Market
Russia holds about 25% of the world's forests. However, the proportion of wood on the Russian market accounted for only 2% in woodworking and 3% in trade. Only 20% of Russian timber is included in the downstream processing activities. According to experts' estimate the value of the logging market is $ 4 billion. The largest segment of the market is 47% - and consists of raw wood (pulpwood, industrial roundwood, sawlogs).

23 June 2009
Chinese BOABC Consulting Agency Published a new Report
Analysts from China has produced a new quarter report on Export and Import in April, 2009.

16 June 2009
Forestry Machinery Exhibition Interles is postponed
Restec has cancelled the Interles exhibition show and postponed it till 2010.

11 June 2009
Eurostat published new reports about April prices in 2009
In April 2009 compared with March 2009, the industrial producer price index fell by 1.0% in the euro area (EA16) and by 1.1% in the EU27. In March, prices decreased by 0.7% and 0.5% respectively. In April 2009 compared with April 2008, industrial producer prices dropped by 4.6% in the euro area and by 3.9% in the EU27.

11 June 2009
The slumping economy has reduced sawlog prices in Europe and North America to the lowest levels in five years
Softwood lumber markets have continued to weaken and as a result, demand for sawlogs has fallen worldwide and the Global Conifer Sawlog Price in the 1Q/2009 was down 26 percent from a year ago, according to the Wood Resource Quarterly.

8 June 2009
Government stimulates bioenergy production in Norway
The Norwegian Government has proposed a stimulation package to alleviate the impact of the financial crisis. Among other things 50 million NOK (6 million €) will be appropriated for stimulating employment in the bioenergy and forest sectors, as well as for providing more forest-based raw materials for production of renewable energy.

3 June 2009
Hydropower second most-used renewable energy source worldwide
1st International Small Hydropower Conference for New Development, Renovation, and Revitalization.

Hydropower has been used energetically for several years and is experiencing continuous technical developments, which has made it the second most-used renewable energy source in the world. In terms of energy generation, hydropower represents the largest proportion of renewable energy sources with nearly 17%. Thanks to the strong domestic market in Europe, hydropower is one of the leading sectors. In addition, hydropower represents further opportunities through the new construction of systems, but also especially through the revitalization of existing systems, as nearly 70 percent of all hydropower plants in Europe are more than 40 years old.

2 June 2009
Wood fiber costs are rising for wood pellets manufacturers in Europe because the industry is expanding rapidly
The expanding wood pellet industry in Europe is increasingly relying on pulpwood and wood chips for its raw-material needs, as the supply of lower-cost sawdust cannot meet the fast rise in demand for wood fiber. The biomass sector is now competing with both the wood-based panel manufacturers and pulpmills for wood residues and logs, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly.

1 June 2009
Chile increased both domestic pulpwood consumption and wood chip exports in 2008
Increased supply of wood from Eucalyptus plantations in Chile has made it possible to both expand the domestic consumption of pulpwood and increased wood chips exports the past three years, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly.

28 May 2009
LIGNA HANNOVER underlines wood industry strengths
Attracting a highly international audience, LIGNA HANNOVER 2009 closed on an upbeat note, capping five days of brisk business activity and giving the wood industry hope of renewed growth. "LIGNA HANNOVER far exceeded the expectations of our exhibitors from 50 different countries," enthused Deutsche Messe Managing Board member Stephan Ph. Khne at the closing press conference.

27 May 2009
Industrial production down by 2.0% in euro area
In March 2009 compared with February 2009, seasonally adjusted industrial production fell by 2.0% in the euro area (EA16) and by 1.9% in the EU27. In February production decreased by 2.5% and 2.2% respectively. In March 2009 compared with March 2008, industrial production declined by 20.2% in the euro area and by 18.8% in the EU27.

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