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24 September 2009
State Duma adopted the law about the timber export checkpoints
State Duma of RF adopted in the final reading the law, which allows the government to reduce the number of checkpoints for the export of Russia's logs. It is supposed that this will help to reduce the number of illegal export of timber abroad.

23 September 2009
Russia considers postponing wood tariffs
Russia considers postponing the planned increase of its export duties on roundwood timber by yet another year.

23 September 2009
Global Sawlog Prices Close to Five Year Low
Global sawlog prices are close to five-year low because of weak lumber markets in the 2Q/09. Prices for softwood lumber have fallen in most markets worldwide the past year,including Europe, North America and Japan and have pushed sawlog prices close to a five-year low.

23 September 2009
UPM Raflatac opens distribution terminals in St Petersburg and Istanbul
UPM Raflatac has opened a new slitting and distribution terminal in St. Petersburg (Russia). The new terminal will supply the Russian labelling market with high-quality film and paper labelstock.

22 September 2009
Chinese forest industry shows gains in first half
According to the State Forestry Administration, the performance of China’s forest industry showed gains during the first half of 2009.

21 September 2009
Russia will not lower timber export tax in 2010: minister
MOSCOW: Russia will not lower its export duties on timber next year, Economics Minister Elvira Nabiullina was quoted as saying on Saturday, despite a trade row with Finland over the taxes.

16 September 2009
Woodworking Technologies: an Absurd Challenge From Rimini To Milan
"We can only be disconcerted by the decision of Fiera di Rimini and we are ready to face this challenge and defend Xylexpo's leadership by any means necessary".

16 September 2009
RENEXPO Austria for Renewable Energy and Renovation
RENEXPO Austria celebrates its premiere International Trade Fair and Conference for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Building and Renovation.

14 September 2009
To Export - not Refine?
The global downturn has put Russia's forest industry in a difficult situation. All the measures adopted so far have been aimed the increasing of the timber working in the country. However, in the period, when investors can't afford any expenses, the only thing that can support the timber industry - is an export. The only problem is that foreign wood-consumers, which were convinced that the forest should be processed in Russia, have found over the past few years new suppliers.

14 September 2009
Imports of logs, lumber and pulp to China increased substantially in the 2Q/09 as the country's economy grow by almost 8%
China became the major import destination for many globally traded forest products in 2009. The country is the world's largest importer of wood pulp and logs, and was the 2nd largest importer of softwood lumber in the world in the 2Q/09, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly.

14 September 2009
Russian Ministry of Economic Development Published Report on Timber Industry in January-July period, 2009
The production index of the wood processing and manufacturing of wood products in January-July 2009 amounted to 74,7 percent in pulp and paper industry, 83,8 percent in publishing and printing activities, including publishing and printing and reproduction of recorded media of 75,2 percent, pulp, wood pulp, paper, paperboard and articles - 91.7 percent compared to the previous period in 2008.

14 September 2009
New Siempelkamp particleboard plant for Belarus
The project's contract has been ready for signing since 2008 but the necessary budgets were not available in Belarus. Now a government guarantee ensures the approval of a loan for the Ivatsevichdrev company. This approval is the starting signal for the projected Siempelkamp particleboard line which is a project that can be assessed as a positive signal for the economy of both countries involved.

11 September 2009
Bioenergy is a main topic at the RENEXPO-2009
The protection of our environment and the worldwide climate is making bold climate protection goals necessary. At the European level, agreements have been reached to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and primary energy consumption each by 20 percent and increase the portion of renewable energies in the energy supply to 20 percent. In addition, the German government is looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40 percent of 1990 levels by 2020.

4 September 2009
Sweden consumes more than 20% of the worlds wood pellets and demand is growing
The decision by EU to use a minimum of 20% renewable energy by 2020 has driven a rapid increase in wood pellet production in Europe. Sweden, Germany, Denmark and the UK are expected to have the fastest growth in consumption the coming 10 years, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly.

3 September 2009
Briquetting presses produce rectangular briquettes with high value
WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH has extended the Vario Plus series of briquetting presses with the K 1000 and K 1500 models. Their newly developed claw technology enables wood, paper, plastic, metal or biomass to be processed into high-density rectangular briquettes. The rectangular briquette shape ensures optimum packing density during transport or storage. Good combustion behaviour of the high-density briquettes additionally opens up good marketing opportunities for the producer.

31 August 2009
Japan Lumber Journal: Russian Timber News
Japan lumber journal has published the news about Russian market in June, 2009. The main stress is put on the Russian-Japan collaborations.

31 August 2009
Japan Lumber Journal: European Timber News
The amount of European softwood lumber products received in June 2009 decreased to 153,200 cubic meters, a 16.4% decrease compared to the previous month. Compared to last year, the amount received decreased by 7.0%. Due to price adjustment for European lumber products, arrival of European lumber, which was stable, slowed down slightly in June.

26 August 2009
China's Exports of Wooden Products
The exports of wooden products firstly registered negative growth in 2008, especially when after last August the exports dropped dramatically.

25 August 2009
Japan Lumber Journal: Russian Timber News
The arrival from Russia cannot stop decreasing. The amount of Russian logs received in May was 48,400 m, a 21.9% decrease compared to the previous month and a 77.7% decrease compared to last year.

25 August 2009
Japan Lumber Journal: European Timber News
The amount of European softwood lumber products received in May 2009 decreased to 183,200 cubic meters, a 3.1% increase compared to the previous month. Compared to last year, the amount received increased by 7.6%. As the arrivals of other imported lumber decreased, only arrival of European lumber remains stable.

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