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9 June 2015
Exciting developments from Wintersteiger at LIGNA 2015
At LIGNA in Hannover, special mechanical engineering company Wintersteiger exhibited its complete portfolio and for the very first time unveiled two innovations.

8 June 2015
Easy tree and hedge care was showed at LIGNA
Anyone who has ever had to trim a tall hedge or cut back branches that had crept over the fence and into the neighbor's garden will be all too familiar with just how exhausting and time-consuming a job that is.

8 June 2015
Award-winning wood boiler design showcasing at LIGNA 2015
When it comes to wood boilers, the HDG Compact 50 that HDG Bavaria was showcasing at LIGNA 2015 stands out as one of the best - and indeed recently won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2015.

8 June 2015
The lumberjack season at LIGNA
For all fans of strong men wielding dangerous axes and saws, 14 May marked the end of a long wait - this year's STIHL TIMBERSPORTS SERIES® was about to get under way at LIGNA 2015.

8 June 2015
LEDs - a real flash of inspiration at LIGNA 2015
In general, consumers don't tend to know a great deal about UV curing technology.

8 June 2015
A new generation of forest owners focuses more on preservation
At least as important to them is to care for their forests in a long-term, environmentally suitable way.

2 June 2015
Modern foundations from Krinner at LIGNA 2015
At LIGNA 2015, Krinner was showing new possibilities for building safely and saving both time and money using bolted timber foundations.

2 June 2015
Door handle night light
How often have you groped in the dark for the bathroom door in a hotel? Such "blind flying" could soon become a thing of the past, if you install the new fittings that Sued-Metall Beschlage has launched at LIGNA 2015.

2 June 2015
Circular Saw Monitoring - Sound Triggered at LIGNA 2015
When a circular saw jams, the result is costly downtime, or even a broken blade. At LIGNA 2015, Vienna-based engineering consultant Fellner is presenting a system CSM-ST which should prevent these problems by listening to the saw while it is running.

2 June 2015
Mondi Syktvykar and Ezhva District Extend Cooperation
Following on from a successful partnership in 2014, Mondi Syktyvkar and the Ezhva administration announced a new social and economic partnership framework agreement has been made for 2015 - 2017.

1 June 2015
UPM is investing to expansion of plywood production in Estonia
UPM (Helsinki, Finland) has decided to enlarge twice the plywood production in the Estonian town Otepaa - up to 90 thousand m3.

1 June 2015
Software, Speed, Service, Sales, Solution - all these Salvador
The company Salvador, specializing in the production of optimizing saws and crosscutting saws for wood, participated with its products at Ligna, an event awaited by the Italian company not only to show its latest efforts in the field of optimization technologies, but also to newly demonstrate its desire to be a "company at 360°".  

27 May 2015
The latest spray coating system from VENJAKOB
VENJAKOB presents VEN SPRAY VARIO - its latest spray coating system combines the flexibility of a painting robot with the high output of a surface spray painting machine.

27 May 2015
New series of electromagnetic valves from SMC Pneumatik at LIGNA 2015
SMC Pneumatik exhibited at LIGNA 2015 in Hannover with an additional size - SY7000 - for its New SY3000/5000 series of electromagnetic valves.

27 May 2015
Hand tool solutions and wood processing innovations from Wiha Werkzeuge at LIGNA 2015
Wiha Werkzeuge exhibited a range of hand tool solutions and wood processing innovations at LIGNA 2015 in Hannover.

27 May 2015
Labeling furniture at LIGNA 2015
Labeling furniture and expansion components is now old hat. Logopak showed how this is done today with its Advanced Tag Applicator (ATA) at LIGNA 2015.

27 May 2015
Ilim Group to Allocate over RUB 22 million in Preparation for the Fire Season in the Arkhangelsk Oblast
The Forest Branch of Ilim Group in Koryazhma (Russia) has started preparation for the upcoming fire season.

27 May 2015
Ilim Group to Allocate over RUB 70.5 million in Preparation for the Fire Season in the Irkutsk Oblast
Ilim Group's branches in the Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk Districts (Russia) are currently preparing for the upcoming fire season.

27 May 2015
World premiere at LIGNA 2015: Customizing in production and batch size 1 production from HOLZMA
Customizing in production sounds like a contradiction in terms. However, with its smart split cell, the HPS 320 flexTec, HOLZMA has now produced a concept that completely redefines parts flow in customized production to genuinely supports fully automatic processes.

27 May 2015
Windows from RAUH Fensetrbau can now ventilate, heat and cool
Windows are the weakest point in any house when it comes to climate.

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