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23 June 2015
Valmet supplied Cogeneration system inaugurated at the Lucart Castelnuovo tissue mill
The Lucart Castelnuovo di Garfagnana tissue mill, part of the Lucart Group, has officially inaugurated its first Cogeneration system with Integrated EcoRecovery system, developed and supplied by Valmet.

19 June 2015
Real craftsmanship in good form
New machines and techniques in wood processing were certain to impress nearly all visitors to LIGNA 2015.

19 June 2015
A sensational invention at LIGNA 2015: popcorn replaces wood
Scientists from the University of Goettingen caused a sensation at LIGNA 2015 with lightweight, fully recyclable and biodegradable composite materials in which popcorn granulate from industrial corn plays a central role.

19 June 2015
Counting trees and measuring wood fibers became real at LIGNA 2015
The Thuenen Institute brought two research highlights to LIGNA 2015.

19 June 2015
ROWINCO 3D showed at LIGNA how to paint windows with a flip of the wrist
Anyone who has painted a window frame knows just how tedious and time-consuming this is.

19 June 2015
A small floodlight was lighting at LIGNA 2015
A powerful work pocket-sized light called Zaurac 4-30 was a highlight from the Finnish exhibitor Five Watts at LIGNA 2015.

19 June 2015
Now customers are able to become furniture designers
The company imos brought at LIGNA 2015 its highlight imos 360, what was meant to make furniture buying into a whole new experience for customers.

19 June 2015
Suction boxes for robot application at LIGNA 2015
The company euroTECH Vertriebs GmbH, based in Geislingen in Baden-Wuerttemberg, is a supplier of customized vacuum technology solutions.

19 June 2015
The second generation of Secotec refrigeration dryers
When it comes to compressed air technology, it isn't just the industry experts who immediately think of the distinctive yellow SE compressors from Kaeser.

19 June 2015
Cutting-edge wood shredders from UNTHA at LIGNA 2015
At LIGNA the company UNTHA shredding technology GmbH once again made an appearance - with live demonstrations offering insight into the world of wood shredding and materials handling.

19 June 2015
Mühlböck showed at LIGNA 2015 how to have big savings in energy costs
Muehlboeck GmbH was unveiling its innovative type 1003 drying kiln system for wood shavings at LIGNA in Hannover - currently the most cost-effective biomass dryer on the market.

19 June 2015
Keep everything in good check
Logopak Systeme GmbH & Co. KG showcased at LIGNA 2015 its innovative RFID solution that could automatically identify workpieces and furniture parts without the need for barcode labels.

19 June 2015
A quick, damp wipe down
Wandres micro-cleaning came to LIGNA 2015 in Hannover to unveil its new BIX sword brushes with integrated micro-moistening for the brush filaments.

19 June 2015
Cost-effective surface treatment from ALPHAMATIC
Based in Herzebrock-Clarholz in East Westphalia, ALPHAMATIC GmbH has been supplying the wood processing industry with innovative and affordable conveying and handling solutions for over 30 years.

19 June 2015
New LEUCO high-performance cutterhead at LIGNA 2015
At LIGNA in Hannover this year, LEUCO was shining the spotlight on new developments in tools and innovative application solutions - including the new high-performance UltraProfiler plus cutterhead.

19 June 2015
The art of scanning wood
SMA Electronic Document GmbH was at LIGNA 2015 in Hannover to show just what the new METIS SUPERSCAN PM3D could do for the wood processing industry.

19 June 2015
A new trimming system for carpenters at LIGNA 2015
WEINMANN, the supplier to cover solutions for trimming, modular construction and solid wood under one roof, showcased its new, improved WBZ 160 powerSIX carpentry machine among its range of exhibits at LIGNA 2015.

19 June 2015
The portable sawmill from Norwood at LIGNA 2015
Norwood, the world's leading manufacturer of innovative portable sawmills from Canada, brought its new LumberMan MN26 model to LIGNA in Hannover.

16 June 2015
Valmet to upgrade evaporators at Södra Cell, Mönsterås pulp mill in Sweden
Valmet will supply an upgrade of the evaporation plant at Sodra Cell's Monsteras pulp mill in Sweden.

15 June 2015
Long live the KING!
The KING manual spray device is the result of intensive collaboration between two well-established companies, Krautzberger and Heinrich Koenig, and was celebrating its LIGNA premire in Hannover.

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