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7 Year Locomotive Tissue Paper Manufacturers of domestic production meet at Tissue World Istanbul

27 June 2018 | Print version


Turkey expanding its export paper industry thanks to tissue paper and diapers with exports of $ 2 billion over 7 years with an increase of 1.5 times, brings the 4 continents together through means of the largest international trade fair in the sector, Tissue World Istanbul.

UBM, one of the most successful organizers of the global exhibitions of sectoral fairs and conventions, accelerates to work for Tissue World in Istanbul, one of the important activities of the tissue paper sector. This organized event which will be held between 4 to 6 September 2018 at the Istanbul Congress Center, bears being one of the most important sectoral organizations not only in Turkey but also in the region.

The organized event in Istanbul, one of the five cities in which the organization is held together with Miami, Bangkok, Milan and Sao Paulo, will be launching a new generation of machines and laterals this year as well as products manufactured with new technologies.

Tissue World events first organized in 2014 in Turkey, occurs every two years. In the previous event held in 2016, over 1600 sector professionals from 65 countries were hosted. The convention in Istanbul is one of the two addresses in Europe together with the event held in Milan and this convention is the most comprehensive tissue paper convention in the region, which includes the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia and the Turkic Republics. The number of visitors is expected to increase by 30% this year at the Tissue World Istanbul Convention and Conference which will take place at the Istanbul Congress Center on September 4-6.

Tissue paper provides tens of thousands of people with employment

The tissue paper sector, which grew with new investments every year with increasing employment rate, managed to increase its exports 1.5 times in the last 7 years. Tissue paper producers, who undertake half of all paper sector exports, are also preparing to set more advanced targets in this year's event of Tissue World Istanbul. The paper and paper products sector also ranks above the general manufacturing sector with a capacity utilization rate approaching 85%.

The tissue paper sector also reflects increased production power to increase employment. The sector representatives, who provide employment for tens of thousands of people, aim to move this number even further after the rapid development.

All representatives of Tissue Paper Sector are at Tissue World Istanbul

Considering the companies participating in the event, many big national and international brands capture ones attention. Besides tissue paper and machine manufacturers retailers' representatives, logistics companies, tissue paper suppliers, consulting companies, Non Wowen (wet wipes, baby wipes) producers and sector related NGOs are preparing to take their places in the at Tissue World Istanbul 2018.

Yusuf Doray, International Sales Manager of ICM Makina which is a participant company of Tissue World in Istanbul and Miami producing tissue paper since 1967 stated that Tissue World has been a sectors leading international event bringing the two sides of demand and supply in the sector. Expressing that they will participate in this year's event in order to follow the sector dynamics and to be an important part of them, Doray also stated that they will carry out the presentation of the new V-folding line named VENUS which is a product they have developed in their own facilities for R&D.

Akın Ertekin, General Manager of Point Makina, a local production tissue paper machine plant in Kocaeli, expresses that they regard Tissue World as the most important fair of cleaning paper sector. Underlining that the event in Istanbul is a very important platform for Turkish companies to introduce themselves to the whole world, Ertekin says that they are aiming to meet again with current customers and meet new customers at the convention. Ertekin points out that as Point Makina, they will exhibit their own production tissue paper garment machines at the convention.

Lila Kağıt, with its giant 850 member staff in production of world-class tissue paper, is preparing to participate in this year's convention. General Manager of Lila Group Alp Öğücü describes the conventions as a place where they can meet with other machinery and raw material suppliers on the same platform, as well as other tissue paper producers. Recalling that they export to 68 countries as Lila Kağıt, Öğücü states that it is important for Tissue World Istanbul to address Lilas own target markets such as Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. Referring to the fact that the conference organized along with the convention is a platform for transferring sectoral developments, Öğücü describes Lila Groups expectations from the convention will be B2B programs in converting and roll paper business areas. In addition, he points out that raising awareness of "industrial tree cultivation" is important for sustainability, adding that the potential bottlenecks and industrial capital developments in raw material resources due to global warming and climate change are critical.

Global promotional support thanks to Tissue World Magazine

The industry's leading and global magazine Tissue World Magazine promises to be far more than a platform where the most important and up-to-date information on tissue paper sector can be found. Participants and other companies in the tissue paper sector also have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the whole world through the publication of Tissue World Magazine next to the booths at the convention. The printed publication is also available as well as the content at the website or mobile applications on the iOS and Android platform.

About UBM

UBM is one of the largest activity organizers in the world holding more than 400 activities annually in more than 20 countries with its more than 3750 employees. UBM EMEA Istanbul in the body of UBM organizes international fairs for Eurasian and Turkish markets thanks to its knowhow of more than 30 years and UBMs global experience. Leading activities for the market by UBM EMEA Istanbul include the following: Alleather Istanbul Alleather Fair, CBME Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo, CPhI Istanbul Pharmaceutical Components Expo, Expomaritt Maritime Sector Convention and Fair, Fi Istanbul Food Ingredients Fair, Growtech Eurasia Greenhouse Agricultural Technologies Fair, ISSA Interclean Istanbul Industrial Cleaning Fair, Intertraffic İstanbul Traffic Technologies and Equipment Fair, Istanbul Kids Fashion Children and Baby Fair Expo, IstanbulLight Lighting Fair, and Tissue World Istanbul Tissue Paper Industrial Fair.

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