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Ligna 2017, a new opportunity to meet!

14 April 2017 | Print version

The ritual of Ligna, the most important fair for the world of woodworking technology, at which Salvador has always participated, will be held this year as well.

"We will be at Ligna to reiterate our choices, to showcase our machines and to meet customers and partners from around the world. We'll be there with the usual spirit and the desire to do business the way we like it, by sharing our passion and conviction that behind all and first of all there are the people and the desire to work together in order to always achieve better results!" With these words, Christian Salvador has commented the Italian company's participation in the great international event in Hannover - hall 27, stand K31 - from May 22 to 26, 2017.


As in the past, the choice for this edition is to showcase to customers and partners the most recent versions and the latest models of the Salvador range, starting with the "Superangle 600 ALL IN-1", the most recent solution designed and manufactured by the San Vendemiano-based company, which has already received numerous awards and recognition for the potential that it expresses in the world of upholstery.

This machine - which is made powerful and flexible by the "Salvawood" software - turned out to be perfect not only for the multi-angle optimized cutting of wooden elements, but also for a variety of drilling operations that amplify its potential. It is a journey still at its beginnings, as the drilling groups designed and built for the "Superangle 600 ALL IN-!" will allow similar results in other sectors as well.

In the embodiment presented at the Ligna in Hannover, the drilling group, positioned before the blade, pierces the workpieces with diameters between 6 and 16 mm for the insertion of the hardware or of the accessories necessary for the construction of sofas of increasingly complex and articulated forms and functions.

This "Superangle" controls four axes and also offers the possibility to work two or more boards at the same time.

Equipped with a separate and independent cell chain loader, as well as with a relative buffer unloader, the new version of the "Superangle" can also work without supervision, thus significantly increasing production. The grouping of three different operations (angled and optimized cutting, drilling, moving), which, until now, were performed by three different machines, will allow, in addition to substantial savings on labor costs, the significant improvement of the level of automation, the rationalization of logistics and the computerization of operations that couldn't be managed at a flow level before.

The "Supercut 500" will be exposed at Hannover in its "Super fast" version, with a redesigned cutting system that allows it to be even faster (each cut requires only a few hundredths of a second), a result made even more obvious by the possibility to hava a chain loader capable of managing the "buffer" of the loaded boards. An ideal machine for companies that need to cut numerous pieces as quickly as possible, while safeguarding the safety of the operators.

The Salvador stand will also host some of the best known machines of its catalog, including the "Superpush 200", a very flexible pusher optimizing saw, also available in the "Window" version, which - with specific accessories and prints on labels or on wood - is proving its effectiveness in the window and door frames industry. This machine is also continually updated due to the improvement of certain aggregates and of the Salvador software, which makes it even more powerful and versatile, as well as extremely simple to program.

Another element that completes Salvador's presence at Ligna is the "Superpush 250", which has also been designed to be highly productive and reliable, as it is accompanied by loading, discharge and printing systems for the recognition of the pieces that characterize the "Superangle 600 ALL IN-1".


An extensive presentation that outlines the many machines that are currently available in the Salvador catalog; these are solutions that have made Salvador one of the leading brands worldwide in this specific sector. A success confirmed by the success of recent years: "We are reaping what we have sown by capitalizing on the commitment and the desire to offer our customers what they really need, and by building the machines and technologies that are the sum of all that is required from us on a daily basis, specific and real needs", adds Christian Salvador.

"I like to repeat that we want to have a large head and a small body: we strive to think, to have the vision of a large multinational corporation, knowing, however, that we are a small enterprise, being aware of our limits, but also of our potential and objectives that we want to pursue, the result of the precious culture of small companies that recognize how much of their value comes from the people, the persons ...".

And the figures speak for themselves: in recent years, the turnover has doubled, with double-digit growth even in the years of crisis: "I must admit that it was easier to stand out in a distressed system, because it forced us to highlight our virtues! I believe we've been rewarded by the privilege of a good overview, due to which we have defined our mission and learned to say no to requests that brought us back to handicrafts, the extreme niche.

Now, more than ever, it is necessary to join planning with ingenuity, to structure your work in the direction of maximum product engineering, to be a small and medium enterprise that is able to move on a commercial, planned and productive scale, with an energy and vision as broad as possible.

We have maintained this direction, and we added an "emotional" component, if we can define it as such, which has always characterized the relationship with our customers, turning it into something personal, because there are people behind everything - of this we are firmly convinced and we never lose the opportunity to reiterate it.


Ligna 2017 will also be a great opportunity to remind the market that for little more than a year it was created a new production unit in Poland for the production of "entry level" machines, a part of the range that in recent times has experienced an increasing demand in many markets of the world and in various industrial sectors.

The "Salvador Easy" brand marks an industrial project for the "intelligent production" of machines that can claim the necessary level of quality and reliability, but can also demonstrate all their competitiveness, also due to a "first purchase" price. Furthermore, there are an increasing number of small and medium sized companies that approach the issues of optimization and automated cutting, having understood how this simple step can actually offer an often unimaginable contribution to the productivity of a cycle or department.

The goal - as repeatedly stated by Salvador - is to create a sort of "literacy learning process" in this technology, in order to convince craftsmen and small-medium sized customers that the fast and safe cutting of wood will prove to be a winning investment.

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