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Chinas Softwood Imports Expected to Grow Continually

9 January 2017 | Print version

By Wood South China Committee

The global trade of softwood has been in a steady rise in the past few years. Statistics suggests that one of the major markets that has been driving this growth in trade is China which has been the world's biggest importer of softwood since 2014.

China's Imports of Softwood Up Steady

According to China costumes, the imports of softwood in China have been surging since the beginning of 2016. In the first 8 months, the import volumes of softwood has reached 14.2 million cubic meters, up by 22% compared with the same period of 2015. Russia continues to be the major supplier with 7.85 million cubic meters exported to China, up by 45% year over year. Except for Germany and Canada, the exports of softwood to China from most suppliers have increased to some extent.

Strong Demand for Wood Flooring Extrapolated to Be One Major Factor


With stronger buying power, nowadays more Chinese residents choose softwood flooring for their new houses. Even though softwood floors have not been able to be counted as mainstream products yet, many oversea brands has foreseen the market potentials and come to occupy China's high-end softwood floor market, such as Wicanders, Carolim, Granorte, Schulte, Enioywood, etc, while Chinese enterprises are mainly active in the mid-market.

With merits like environment friendliness, excellent sound and heat insulating effects, etc, softwood flooring is expected to achieve a higher penetration rate in China's expanding wood floor market. At present in Chinese major cities, the penetration rate of woof floors for residences has reached 25% and 10% in medium-sized cities. According to ChinaIRN.COM, by 2020 the penetration rate of wood floor in major cities will creep up to between 30%-35% and, in small and medium sized cities over 15%. It is estimated that by 2021, the annual revenue of China's wood floor industry will be close to 130 billion RMB.
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