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LesPromInform Magazine supported by Interregional Exhibition Company URAL (MVK-Ural) presents


Glulam manufacturing practice.
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September 23rd, 2014, Yekaterinburg

Registration starts: 13.00. Seminar: 13.15 -15.45
Conference hall, Hall 1, Fairground «Yekaterinburg-Expo» (Yekaterinburg, Expo blvd., 2)

Key topics of the seminar:
1. General description of the product. Product standards in Russia and Europe.
2. Product demand. Necessary types of equipment and its capacity.
3. Manufacturing area. Basic requirements. Main mistakes when choosing manufacturing area. Gates and airlock.
4. Choosing press. Basic mistakes. Hydroplant capacity.
5. Four-side moulder. Abundant number, necessary requirements. Spindles and engine capacity.
6. Finger joint line. Necessity and sampling mistakes. Optimizer.
7. Glued system. Types. Standards of different countries. Choosing by technical specifications.
8. Glue spreaders. Is it really necessary? Types and use conditions.
9. Facilities humidification.
10. Aspiration. Air recuperation, inlet / outlet in facilities.
11. Dryers - own or outsourcing. What is necessary and what can be refused?
12. Profiler
13. Notching machine or machining centre. Outsourcing practice.
14. Own testing lab. Complete set, necessity.
15. Production costs. Is this business profitable as it seems? Glulam sales aspects in Russia and Europe. General overview of the industry.

Seminar language - Russian.  

Organizers: editorial board of «LesPromInform»

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