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Newspaper LesPromFORUM #48 for Russian Forest 2016, Vologda

The newspaper LesPromFORUM #48 is the official edition of the exhibition Russian Forest 2016 in Vologda. It isissued in cooperation with organizational committee of the exhibition VK Russkiy Dom and State Department of forestry of the Vologda Oblast.

Vologda, 7–9 December

Circulation of newspaper: 2,000 copies.

All the copies will be passed out among visitors and participants of the exhibition.

Passing out of LesPromFORUM #48:

  1. In ticket offices and on information desks of the organizational committee
  2. A sample will be inserted in the VIP-kits
  3. From booths of exhibitors and LesPromInform
  4. From information counters at the forum "Human and forest - Vologda"
  5. On the guest events of the exhibition.

Website of the exhibition Russian forest 2016


Advertisement rates for advertising in the newspaper
for Russian Forest 2016 (Vologda)

Place Size Dimensions (mm) Rate (euros)
Front Cover 1/2 4 85220 3 000
Back Cover 4 215285 3 000
Inside pages 4 215285 1 540
1/2 horizontal 162118 1 000
1/2 vertical 83285
1/4 horizontal 16257 700
1/4 vertical 78118
Novelty 1.000 characters, 1 picture, contacts 300

10% of discount for LesPromInform customers.

Deadline is 5th of November 2016.

PDF-version is available on our website 2 days before the exhibition starts. PDF is downloaded minimum 10,000 times per annum.

LesPromFORUM in its printing format is passed out only during the exhibition Russian Forest in Vologda, Russia.

Newspaper format: 4, glosspaper, 4color, paper clip.

LesPromFORUM PDF Archive

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